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What are the benefits of GreenSeat?

It reduces carbon elsewhere

GreenSeat offsets your emissions with projects that avoid or reduce carbon in developing countries. The benefits include job creation, household savings, health benefits, environmental conservation, investment in local economies, technology transfer, local infrastructure and training, and positive impacts on wind resources.

It doesn’t cost the earth

The investment associated with offsetting your way of transportation is mostly about 2-5% of the price of your trip. This equates to the cost of a cup of coffee.


We offer only VCS and Gold Standard projects, because thes projects deliver real benefits to local communities and the environment. Our projects are independently validated, adhere to best practice methodology and only support renewable energy or energy efficiency technologies.

It’s only one click away

Ask your travel agent today whether they offer GreenSeat. If not, we can arrange it for them.

You can offset your travel here.

GreenSeat is a reliable and experienced brand of social venture Climate Neutral Group. We are member of ICROA – The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance.

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