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Why travel green?

We don’t want to waste, we want to contribute 

wereldbolYou go on holiday for the experience, for adventure, to meet new people or for a well-earned rest. Naturally, you do not want to cause a negative effect on the climate. Unfortunately we are all responsible for climate change and we all must be part of the solution. If you want to travel green now, you can act now! GreenSeat makes it simple for anyone to offset their carbon emissions.

Travellers demand: Save the planet

“People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and are starting to make more conscious decisions to protect the planet. Ongoing climate change will put sustainable development on the global agenda and demand a future-proof solution.”

Travel Tomorrow Report, Capgemini, 2015


  • Travellers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues.
  • Social support for sustainable policy measures is expected to further increase in the next decade.
  • Ongoing climate change is expected to increasingly affect global weather conditions, impacting the popularity of specific travel destinations during certain seasons.
  • Although hard to predict, natural disasters will always have an impact on the travel industry.

Why GreenSeat?

Through GreenSeat CO2 offsetting, you ensure that the greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere do not increase. GreenSeat provides access to sustainable energy in developing countries. Our projects not only reduce CO2 emissions but at the same time improve the standard of living for households in developing countries.

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