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What projects does GreenSeat support?

With GreenSeat you support the following projects:

Efficient charcoal stoves in Africa

Cooking over an open wood fire is the number four cause of death in the world. This project is in line with a global campaign to reduce cooking over an open fire. Thanks to your ‘GreenSeat’, people can buy an affordable stove. This project also supports entrepreneurs in developing and marketing their product.¬†Using an efficient stove reduces the amount of smoke produced, which is now equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. It also reduces deforestation and saves each family with a wood stove $110 per year. That’s a nice side effect of travelling greener! You can see how it works in this movie.

Wind energy in India

Every day, millions of people in India breathe polluted air. Major causes of this pollution are power generation in coal-fired power plants and cooking over wood fires. By investing in wind energy projects in southern India, GreenSeat provides clean energy and releases less CO2 into the air. Thanks to these projects, local people have access to clean energy and jobs.

Cooking with cow patties in Africa

More than half of the rural population of Africa does not have access to gas and electricity. Through this project, more than 10,000 farming families are able to use biogas generated from the waste produced by their own cows and pigs. Over the 10-year lifespan of a bio-digester, each family saves $1,400 and 2,600 hours that they don’t have to spend gathering wood. Cooking with biogas is also much healthier because it doesn’t release any harmful smoke. See how it works in this film.

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