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What is the difference between CO2 neutral and climate neutral?

CO2 neutral

Burning fossil fuels, such as petrol, releases the greenhouse gas CO2. If you travel CO2 neutral, the CO2 emissions from your transport do not have an impact on climate change.

Climate Neutral

In addition to CO2, aircraft also have other emissions, such as soot, vapour trails and nitrogen oxide. If you were to offset these gases as well, you would travel climate neutral.

The choice of GreenSeat

With GreenSeat, you travel CO2 neutral because CO2 makes up the largest share of the pollution. By only offsetting the CO2, the cost of your contribution is clearer and more attractive. Research done by travel agencies shows that many more people are prepared to offset their CO2 if the contribution is affordable. The more people who travel greener, the less the impact on the climate.

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