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Advantages of GreenSeat

GreenSeat makes people aware of the climate impact of their travel and offers a way to offset the CO2 emissions of their journey. This is possible for all modes of transportation, from planes and trains to buses and cars. By offsetting CO2 emissions with GreenSeat, you make sustainable energy available to households in developing countries. So GreenSeat supports your ambition in the area of sustainable tourism, the green desire of your customers and the local population at the same time.

The Ease of GreenSeat

  • Affordable. The GreenSeat contribution for offsetting flights is only a small amount for customers. Offsetting a flight within Europe will cost only the amount of 1 cup of coffee.
  • High conversion: Up to 30% of customers who are given the GreenSeat option while booking, choose to offset their emissions. Conversion can differ according to your public, for online tickets it is around 10%, for adventure touroperators it can be 40%.
  • A positive image: this is a concrete and positive way to encourage greener travel.
  • Simple implementation through XML Web services or GreenSeat’s zone model. Please find enclosed some Information on the implementation via either XML Web Services or the zone model.
  • High sustainable impact: Working with GreenSeat means that your customers support reliable projects, that are certified by a Third Party. Langley and your customers can be sure that emissions are compensated properly and that households are really given access to sustainable energy. Please see for yourself in this short movie about on of our projects.
  • Free; You can become a GreenSeat affiliate without any costs. GreenSeat will give you a handling fee.
  • The assurance of a reliable and experienced partner – Climate Neutral Group. Member of the International Offset Alliance (ICROA).


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