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The demand for sustainable action is growing. Consumers are becoming more critical and they are continually trying to make their consumption greener. They separate their garbage, drive more efficiently, eat more organic food and consider their energy use. They also have greener criteria for their vacations.

43% of travelers would be willing to pay up to 5% more to decrease their ‘ecological footprint’ on their next trip; almost as many would pay more than that.

GreenSeat offers your clients the opportunity to travel Climate Smart. With GreenSeat you offset the CO2 emissions of a trip by supporting sustainable climate projects in developing countries. Our diverse projects not only fight climate change, but also have a social impact.

Good for People and the Climate!

GreenSeat offers you a concrete and positive way to promote sustainable travel. You can use GreenSeat in your sustainability policy and use our communication materials and campaigns to shine the light on sustainable travel and CO2 compensation.

On average 45% of the emissions from vacations are caused by transportation. All travel can be booked with a GreenSeat,whether it’s by plane, cruiseship, car or other mode of transportation. Even hotel stays and local food and drink consumption can be offset by GreenSeat.

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