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Biogas in Africa

Many people in rural Africa have no access to gas and electricity.  Previously, families prepared their food above a wood fire or cooked on charcoal. Cooking with wood or coal is expensive, unhealthy, time-consuming and bad for the environment. The African Biogas Programme makes it possible to make biogas installations accessible and affordable for families.

About the Project

Biodigesters are made for household use. This very valuable technique provides households with clean energy for cooking and with gas for lighting. Many families have no light at night or only use kerosene lanterns. The biodigesters ensure savings on fuel costs and reduce the effort needed to collect firewood. There are also fewer health problems because of the absence of smoke from the kitchen. Biogas is also a good substitute for the increasingly scarce firewood and prevents deforestation. The result: the use of biogas significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. The programme allows families in Africa to use biogas that comes from their own cows and pigs, which means significant savings in firewood, kerosene, and batteries. This money can be invested in education, food and operating the farm. Additionally, a new market sector for biogas entrepreneurs and bricklayers is created. Women indicate that “cooking with gas is much faster”. The farmers are also happy with the by-product: “The ‘slurry’ is a good fertilizer for our rice and vegetables”. And there is naturally a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

This project is developed in cooperation with Hivos and SNV Netherlands.

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