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Monitoring the projects

To ensure the CO2 is actually offset, it’s important to measure how much CO2 emission is prevented by the project. Without measurements, you would be supporting a nice project without knowing whether the CO2 from your trip has really been offset. So all GreenSeat projects are checked by qualified independent consultants. We as an organisation are also closely monitored to ensure that your CO2 is fully offset.

We guarantee that the amount of COyou choose to offset for will be matched by an actual decrease in atmospheric CO2. When a project has been inspected it receives a seal of approval, and every ton of CO2 saved is numbered. This is called a CO2 credit. Each credit represents a verified 1000 kilo reduction in atmospheric CO2. The credits are called Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). Monitoring is done by independent internationally-recognised offset auditors, such as TÜV or SGS. The auditors are nominated and inspected by the UN. These auditing bureaus check whether a project is set up and operates according to a particular set of rules. Such a set of rules is known as a ‘standard.’ We work only with projects that use the strictest international standards VCS and Gold Standard.

  the Gold Standard

Because GreenSeat warrants the quality of its projects, we go a step further than other organisations. We are members of the international ICROA, which admits as members only those organisations that are transparent in their operations and that support only projects that meet the strictest standards. Although we are a Dutch based organisations, we are not a member of the Covenant for Climate Offsetting in the Netherlands, because we feel their requirements – in terms of transparency and quality – are too lenient.

Our projects give households access to sustainable energ in areas that really need it. This means lower COemissions, and also benefits the local families. We select projects that create additional impact. Your contribution makes this possible!

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