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How to travel green?

A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions somewhere else – like our renewable energy projects. Today this is the only way to get your carbon footprint to zero. This is how it all works:

1 . Choose the greenest mode of transport

Choose the mode of transportation that causes the lowest emissions 

For example, a coach trip from Barcelona to Rome emits a lot less greenhouse gases per person than the same trip by plane.


2. Book a GreenSeat and enable access to renewable energy

Calculate your carbon emissions and contribute

Even after you have chosen the greenest mode of transportation, your trip will still cause some CO2 emissions. You can offset these CO2 emissions through GreenSeat. By offsetting the CO2 emissions, you are giving households in developing countries access to renewable energy. This means less CO2 and at the same time improving the standard of living of families in the developing world. You make it possible: by choosing GreenSeat!

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