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Carbon Management for Tour Operators

voetGreenSeat has cooperated in the CARMATOP (Carbon Management for Tour Operators) project.  This project developed the measurement of tour package carbon footprints. Which is tanslated  into a simple applicationtool called CarmaCal. By doing this Dutch tour operators are international frontrunners.

Why address the carbon footprint of tour packages?
Global tourism contribution to man-made CO2 emissions is around 5%, and all scenarios point towards rapid growth of tourism emissions, whereas a reverse development is required in order to prevent climate change exceeding ‘acceptable’ boundaries. Tour packages have a high long-haul and aviation content, and the increase of this type of travel is a major factor in tourism emission growth. Dutch tour operators recognise their responsibility, and feel the need to engage in carbon management.

What we do
Our experience with sustainable entrepreneurship and knowledge about carbon footprint (mitigation), and ECEAT’s broad sustainable tourism network have provided essential inputs for CARMATOP.

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